Photo of bulletin board with targets

BUE Principal, Amber Clark recently stated, “I am proud of our teachers. They work hard and don’t always see the fruits of their labor and love.”  One might add, teachers don’t always receive the recognition for that labor and love. Both recognition and seeing the harvest came to the staff at BUE this month when BUE was recognized as a “Superstar School” by Lexia Learning. BUE is the first school in our Lexia representative’s district to gain “Superstar School” status. 

Lexia is a supplemental literacy program individualized to each student’s needs. The program is excellent, but fails unless teachers master its use. BUE’s teachers have worked to develop a system combining Lexia, our foundational literacy program, small group instruction, and goal setting to help students grow at a tremendous rate. 

COVID shutdowns two years ago and the great rates of absenteeism that have been part of schooling since then have slowed student progress worldwide. “The majority of our students began the year well below grade level, but they have worked hard along with the teachers.” That growth is why BUE has been recognized as a “Superstar School.” 

Students have worked with teachers to set literacy goals as well as behavioral and other academic goals.  

“Goal setting with kids is powerful.” says Clark. “Look at our doors and hallways. Our teachers are personalizing learning and student goal setting so every child can grow and see that growth.” 

The doors and halls are full of colorful and student owned goal records. They might take the form of targets, plants, music sheets, clothes on a line, or even refrigerator food items, but they all show a sense of pride and ownership in learning. Students set goals and work with teachers to achieve them. Now a national organization has recognized BUE for achieving those goals. Great job students. Thank you teachers for your labors and love.

Individual Student Goal Setting