BUE Cardinal

Since 1981, Bea Underwood Elementary School has been providing elementary education to children in Parachute, Battlement Mesa, and surrounding areas. We are a public school serving grades 2nd to 5th and provide beautifully updated facilities with multiple playground areas, an outdoor classroom, orchard, student garden, large field, and stone fire pits for hosting special events.

Our School Mission: BUE is a caring community providing students with a meaningful and authentic education.

Our School Vision: We strive to empower our students to pursue their passions and to be kind, ethical people.

Literacy Curriculum: We use the 2020 Wonders Curriculum from McGraw Hill to build strong literacy foundations, ensure students are accessing complex fiction and nonfiction texts, provide opportunities for students to write about their passions and their lives, and to build social emotional learning skills.

BUE is partnering with Marzano Academies to ensure BUE is a place where all students will learn the content and skills they need for success in college, careers and beyond. In our partnership with Marzano Academies we focus on:

  • Competency-based education

  • A personalized, focused curriculum in mathematics and the English language arts

  • Direct instruction in cognitive and meta-cognitive skills

  • Personalized projects each year for each student

  • A high engagement emphasis

  • A focus on student inspiration and self-agency

We also partner with EL Education to engage students in work that is challenging, adventurous and meaningful. Our classrooms are structured to allow students the opportunity to be celebrated for not only their performance, but more importantly for the quality of their work and their character. We encourage students to achieve more than they think possible, and to become active contributors in building a better world.

For more information about our school please reach out to our school principal.

Mrs. Amber Clark - Principal (970) 285-5703 aclark@garfield16.org