COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information

August 15, 2022

Dear Garfield 16 Community,

Late last week, the CDC and Colorado Department of Health and Environment (CDHE) announced new guidance about COVID and how it can apply to schools. This is a link to the guidance:

Based on the CDPHE guidance, Garfield 16 will do the following this school year:

  • Inform students, parents, and staff about this and any new guidance about COVID.

  • Encourage everyone to voluntarily follow the guidance.

  • Consult with the Garfield County Department of Health, if needed.

  • COVID testing for schools is still available, but Garfield 16 is not opting into the testing.

One important change in the guidance is that the requirement for quarantine based on school exposure is no longer recommended. People who test positive for COVID should still isolate. The guidance about isolation has also changed. A person should isolate for five days, and if symptoms improve, the person can go back to regular activities while taking recommended precautions, such as masking for another five days.

In summary, Garfield 16 will operate like it did before the pandemic. The administration will monitor everyone’s health and well-being and take steps to address any concerns if they arise.

COVID reminded us of several good health practices, such as staying home if you are sick. Of all the things we are no longer required to do, I hope everyone chooses to stick with that good practice.


Jennifer Baugh

Interim Superintendent