European Trip - images of buildings and food

Dear Families -

We are so excited to announce our next international travel adventure for our students which will take place

Summer Break, 2023: Ireland, Scotland & England!

We are hosting an online meeting so families can learn more. Please use the highlighted link at the bottom of this email to register for the meeting, even if you can't make it. Thank you! For security and preparation reasons, you must register for the meeting in order to receive the virtual meeting link. 

Why this opportunity now?

  • Something for students, who've sacrificed so much, to look forward to

  • A chance for students to reconnect to a world that feels distant and remote right now

  • Spread payments over a longer period of time, making the opportunity much more affordable

  • Access to a $200 scholarship and EF's Risk Free Enrollment Period (we'll talk more about this at the meeting)

  • Allow students to step out of their comfort zones, grow their social skills, make connections to their studies, bridge cultural gaps, and take part in an experience that will set them apart when applying to college and their future careers

There has been a ton of interest among the students, but unfortunately, we can only offer a limited number of spots. These spots will be available on a first-come, first-served basis and have traditionally filled up quickly. We've been talking about this experience at school if you would like to ask your student for more details, as well.

Meeting Details & Registration ( must register to get meeting link):

We look forward to seeing you there and filling you in!